Alpine, “A is for Alpine”


Australian alternative six-piece Alpine—fronted by the ethereal dual vocals of Phoebe Baker and Lou James—decided to throw everything but the musical kitchen sink into their debut album and, surprisingly, it works. Light harmonies? Check. Disco beats? Check. Quiet reflective songs? Of course. Killer dance songs begging to be remixed? They’ve got them! Within the 12 tracks that make up A Is For Alpine, the sextet (which also includes Christian O’Brien, Ryan Lamb, Tim Royall and Phil Tucker) oscillates their sound smoothly between delicate guitar-driven dream pop and synth-laden electronic soundscapes featuring an undeniable dance beat—seen immediately from the get-go with the first pairing of “Lovers 1” and “Lovers 2.” While there might be a small and immediate sense of confusion as one listens to the one-two punch of the seductively spiteful “Gasoline” and soft and whimsical response of “All For One,” don’t panic: the genre-bending of Alpine isn’t only intriguing, it’s effective.


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