Best Coast, “Fade Away” [mini-LP]


“You taught me that I would grow old,” Bethany Cosentino laments in “Fear of My Identity”—one of seven tracks off of Best Coast’s latest release. While it’s clear that, within the track, Cosentino is referring to a romantic entanglement, she could have just as easily been talking about her musical progress on Best Coast’s self-described mini-LP. Gone are the forced country melodies of 2012’s The Only Place and the lyrical crutches of 2010’s Crazy For You; Fade Away effortlessly pairs Best Coast’s patented surf sound with crisp production and much stronger vocals from Cosentino. Before you start thinking that the SoCal songstress’s maturity was complete, just listen to some of the maxi-EP’s more captivating tracks like “Who Have I Become?” and “This Lonely Morning” to be reminded of Cosentino’s thematic bread and butter: excitement, paranoia and emotional fragility due to a time of day. Fade Away reminds us of how infectious Best Coast can be, and its short length ensures that we hold on. While Cosentino is still learning, listening to her music doesn’t get old.


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