Yuck, “Glow & Behold”


Since parting ways with Daniel Blumberg—the original frontman for the band—earlier this year, noise-pop outfit Yuck seems to have seriously mellowed out. For their sophomore full-length release Glow & Behold, the London band (now a trio consisting of Max Bloom, Mariko Doi and Jonny Rogoff) turned the unfocused yet fun chaotic energy found on their self-titled debut down, and began to carefully erect their own wall of sound. Following in the droning and incredibly layered footsteps of noise-rock’s pioneers, including Sonic Youth, Pavement and My Bloody Valentine, Yuck pushes the fuzzed-out instruments center-stage, burying the album’s vocals within the sea of sound. While this carefully choreographed dance of feedback and vox is what made the post-punk wave so influential in the first place, Glow & Behold just misses the mark. Tracks like “Rebirth” and “Memorial Fields” beautifully evoke the delicate power of MBV (think “Blown A Wish”), but these triumphs are few and far between.


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