MP3: Free Download Of Run Things’ Debut Track: “Dumb In The Sun” (FILTER Premiere)


There’s something timeless about the music made by Echo Park trio Run Things. Consisting of Joshua Thorpe (vocals/guitar), Gregory Shadwick (bass/keys) and Daniel Goldbatt (drums), Run Things has been creating their unique brand of charming shoegaze pop within their own east LA cocoon.

The result of working together in a self-described “behind closed door” songwriting process is their self-titled debut EP out tomorrow via White Iris.

Dumb in the Sun,” the A-side to the Run Things 7-inch is disarmingly gentle and refined. The track holds you captive for three minutes–with the mature sound and production (thanks in part to producer Lewis Pesacov) of a band deep into a full discography, rather than a brand new collaboration–and leaves you wanting more.

With fragile harmonies floating on top of Thorpe’s warm and rich caramel vocals, and percussion reminiscent of Brian Jonestown Massacre’s droning and delicate ballad “Everyone Says” (off of 1995’s Methodrone), “Dumb in the Sun” is a stellar introduction to the Los Angeles band.

Starting tomorrow you can buy Run Things EP on iTunes or order it here for a limited edition black vinyl, but to hold you over for now, download the lush “Dumb in the Sun” below.


Run Things, “Dumb in the Sun” | (MP3) [CTRL+click for download]

Taken from FILTER Magazine. Published February 3, 2014.


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